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All grain Barleywine

Classification: barleywine, strong ale, all-grain

Source: David Miller (, r.c.b., 6/23/96

Here's a recipe I put together last spring for my brother who wanted to brew an all-grain barleywine. I have never tasted one previously but looked at a number of recipes to come up with this one. I think this one tastes wonderful.



The amount of grain here maxed out my bucket tun sparger. The alcohol here is only about 9%, but then I sparged only enough water to accumulate about 6 gallons for the boil. Sparging for an 8 or 9 gallons and then reducing to around 6 gallons when adding the hops should add a boost to the alcohol content. Also, the Irish ale yeast brought the fermentation down to the final gravity. The champagne yeast brought no further fermentation and could be eliminated. Brewed as a single decoct. Strike temp of 144. Main mash at 154.