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Spiced Brown Ale

Classification: spiced ale, brown ale, extract

Source: Arthur Delano ( rec.crafts.brewing 10/12/92

This is the only spiced beer I've made; it came out very well. The recipe is based on Dottie's Brown Ale by Charles Lawhon, which appeared in Zymurgy v. 14, Number 2.

The spices more-or-less masked the flavoring hops, so I might try reducing or removing them next batch. I also intend to add cinnamon and/or dried orange rind.



Grain steeped in a colander in 2 gallons of cold water and brought to boiling: grain removed when boiling began. Some hops and spices allowed to pour into carboy. My notes don't mention fermentation times, so i would guess 1 to 1--1/2 weeks in primary, 2 weeks in secondary as a rough estimate.