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Drinkable Spruce Beer

Classification: spiced beer, spruce beer, all-grain

Source: Ronald Moucka (rmoucka@OMN.COM), HBD Issue #1435, 5/28/94

Believe it or not, it is possible to brew a drinkable spruce beer. Thos you who were lucky enough to attend the GABF a couple of years ago will remember Anchor's version of a traditional spruce beer. Yuck! It taste a combination of mint julep (sp?) and Listerine. Six packs of the stuff distributed in a limited area around Denver, and I was stupid enough to couple. At least at the time I thought it was stupid. Not anymore!

After two years of aging in the refrigerator, it is now one of the most refreshing, light summer beers I've ever tasted. So don't give up on th spruce beers. They take a long time to mellow, but it's worth the wait. own version of a spruce is coming up on 1 year old this month and is jus starting to taste like something resembling beer. Actually quite good.



Temperature controlled step mash. Boil hops and spruce for full 60 minu I might consider dropping the spruce to 3oz next time. Obviously, weath conditions will effect the strength of your spruce. Collect your spruce in the country where you're sure they haven't been sprayed. Never tried extract. Wouldn't have a clue as to how much to add. Most importantly, patient! This stuff takes a looong time.