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Countryside Ginger

Classification: ginger beer, spiced beer, extract

Source: James Rigney (, r.c.b., 5/19/96

Just finished a recipe with ginger that follows. Nice summer drink, kind of lemony in taste. Hope you like it.



Put crystal malt into a hop bag, and fill large stew pot > full of cool water. Heat to about 1700 F. Remove the grains. Add dry malt, 3 ounces ginger and Saaz hops. Boil for one hour.

At 45 minutes, (15 minutes before end) add Irish moss.

At 50 minutes, (10 minutes before end) add Hallertauer hops and rest of ginger.

Sparge to another large stew pot and back to original to remove grains and hops.

Sparge to 5 gallon fermenter = full of cool water and pitch yeast.