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Maple Brew

Classification: maple beer, extract

Source: Jeremy D. Pike (, r.c.b., 4/12/96

At bottling it seemed like all I could smell and taste was alcohol and hops. But on a second taste I think it'll turn into a very good beer in a month or two.(I've been known to be wrong many many times before, though) I hope SOME maple flavor comes through. Next time, I'll rack to a secondary after 2-4 days (lots of trub and gunk). Anyone have comments on this recipe? Especially those who have brewed a similar beer before, let me know if there are any obvious boo-boos I've made!



I boiled and cooled 4 gal. of the sap to sterilize. The remaining gallon, I added my grains, steeped to just below boiling 15 min and strained.

I then added the malt extract, half the maple syrup and boiling hops. After half an hour of boiling, I added the rest of the maple syrup and the irish moss. 3 min before the end I added the finish hops.

I cooled in an ice bath and added the wort to the 4 gal. sterile sap and aerated and pitched my yeast.