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Peach Wheat Ale

Classification: peach ale, wheat beer, extract

Source: Mark Stevens (, HBD Issue #1481, 7/21/94

There's an excellent article by Ralph Bucca in the July/August 1994 issue of BarleyCorn that talks about various aspects of brewing with fruit. He provides some general info about handling fruit, when to add, etc., and then provides a couple recipes. One of these is an extract-based Peach Ale that should be trivial to turn into a Peach Wheat recipe. Here's how I'd change Ralph's recipe to make it a peach wheat beer.



Boil malt and hops for 1 hour. Add cold water to fermenter to bring to 5 gallons. Add wort. Pitch ale yeast. On 2nd day of fermentation, skin, de-pit, and chop peaches. Add to fermenter. Three days later, rack to secondary. Bottle 10 days later.