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JazzBerry Juice

Classification: wheat beer, fruit beer, raspberry wheat beer, weizen, extract

Source: Dodger Posey (, HBD Issue #1505, 8/19/94

Just thought I'd share this recipe I brewed recently that drew many compliments. The amount of fruit added was a geuss, and I ignored advice to sanitize in any way the fruit addition cuz I'm just that way.

The raspberries were from Trader Joe's. Listed as 100% fruit, no additives or preservatives. Metal strainer with soup ladel to press. I was horrified when I did the secondary on top of the juice. I was sure I ruined the batch, it looked horribly pink. After 2 weeks in the bottle it was "OK", after 4 it was great, and I'm waiting to see if it gets better or worse. LOTS of raspberry FLAVOR, excellent carbonation, tastes great and most refreshing. Hope you like it. Comments welcome regarding procedure and process.



Place wheat malt in bag, in cold 2.5 g water in pot, bring to 160 deg. and hold 1 hour. Remove grain bag. Pour 2 cups or so of water over bag to rinse good stuff back into the pot. Add LME, bring to boil. Add boil hops and gypsum. at 40 min add Irish moss, at 45 min add HH hops. At 1 hour, cool pot in water bath (tub) till 70 deg., about 40 min. Strain into carboy holding 2 gal preboiled, cooled, filtered water. Aerate Fully. Pitch yeast starter, aerate again. My ferment started at 6 hours. Rack to secondary after 5 days on top of the juice from the raspberries. I bottled at 23 days.