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Butternut Porter

Classification: squash beer, butternut squash, pumpkin ale, porter, partial-mash

Source: Bill Shirley (, r.c.b., 4/8/95

When you want to make a pumkin ale and procrastination gets the best of you,... you make squash beer. (No fresh pumkin left in the stores).

Well, this stuff is definately yummy. I bottled some of it, but after sitting unattended in the secondary for over a month, the yeast was a bit settled, and I underprimmed a bit. Most, though, is in the keg, and like I said, yummy. It has great head retention (the squash?), and a very creamy head, it is very sweet, but nicely chocolatty. I could stand more hops, but I think it's good as it is.

Sorry for the mix of Standard/Metric, but that's what happens when a US brewer moves to Canada. Sorry, no SGs, either. I'm a bit laz



Cut quash into pieces, bake 30 mins at 375F. This is a bit difficult, as butternut is one tough squash! Put pieces into blender with enough water to make it chop up nice.

All grains crushed together:
4.5 quarts water, mash all grains and squash:
took blended squash (which had some water) and water to 138F,:
then added grains:
mashed in at 128F,:
brought down to 125F, and covered for >30 mins:
raised to 155F, was at 158F after 15 mins, 150 at 60 mins,:
mashed more than 90 mins

Because of the squash, I extended the mash times a bit.