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Blackberry Porter

Classification: porter, fruit beer, blackberry porter, extract

Source: Bryan Schwab (, 10/26/95

Partial Grain Recipe, 3rd Place Fruit Beer 1995 Santa Rosa Brewfest, Fort Walton Beach Fl.

Next time I brew this, I would take special precautions in my racking process to get all of the fruit seed out by employing some means of filtration to the process.



Put grains in a hop sack and add to 2.5 gal of treated water with gypsum. Bring to 160 degrees and hold for 15 minutes. Sparge grains and remove, bring wort to boil, add D.M.E and licorice. Hold boil for 1 hour. Last 15 minutes of boil, add Malto-Dextrin and Liberty Hops. Rehydrate yeast, cool wort and add to enough water to your fermentation bucket to a five gallon level. After 5 days , rack to secondary which has within it the thawed frozen fruit. Leave in secondary for 15-20 days.