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Strawberry (or whatever...) Wheat

Classification: wheat beer, fruit beer, strawberry wheat beer, extract

Source:, HBD #1906, 12/11/95

I'm new to this list, so I thought I'd drop a recipe for a KILLER strawberry wheat beer that I've enjoyed immensely. "Fruit? In Beer? Yuck!" Well, that's what I said, too, before a friend gave me a Rasperry Wheat or ten to taste...

Scoff if you may, but this is a killer brew. I've had the best luck with strawberry wheat (and one batch in particular...!), but I've tasted a couple heavenly rasperry wheats too. Cherry wheats never seem to be too good for whatever reason. If you have good luck with a different kind of fruit, please let me know. Original credit for an earlier version of this recipe goes to Mike Raimey, Braumeister Ekstrordinar.



Boil the honey, an ounce of the hops, & the Irish moss in some water 15 minutes. Add Morgan's kit malt and bring back to a boil. Add fruit. Lower heat. Steep at 150 degrees 20 minutes with the second half of the hops.

That's it! Toss in some cold water & yeast and let 'er go.

After 4 days, rack off into a secondary fermenter, leaving the fruit behind in the primary.