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Bah Humbug Brew

Classification: brown ale, cranberry, orange, extract

Source: Chickengrrl (, r.c.b, 3/15/96

I used orange peel with good results once. I would like a litte more orange, so next time I think I will add it to the beginning of the boil in a slightly lesser quantity.

Rapid start with the fermentation. Some may want more hops, I don't like my beer very bitter. This is a great winter brew and has some residual sweetness. I love it while talking in front of the fireplace. The flavour is very complex. I can taste orange and cranberry, but not sure about the spice. Good body, little head, and does well with a month or two of aging. Got great reviews from a the few that usually say,"I don't like beer very much"(referring to the garbage in the grocery store no doubt)



Peel oranges with a Potato peeler, and set aside
Add grains(in grain bag) to water and heat to 152F, steep for 15 min.
Continue heat to 170F and pull out the grains.
Heat to boiling, remove from heat, and add honey, LME, and Willamet hops
Boil for 30 min.
Add spice and orange peel
At 45 min add Kent goldings hops
turn off heat at 50 min and add cranberry juice conc.
steep above 170F for 10 min
Cool asap