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Berry Strawberry Ale

Classification: fruit beer, strawberry ale, extract

Source:, HBD Issue #2063, 6/8/96

Strawberries are in season. Heres a great recipe for strawberry beer.



Crush grain and bring to 170degs. Remove grain and boil etc.

After boil is completed turn down heat and add strawberries. Try to keep wort at 160degs for 15min. Pour entire contents of pot into primary after cooling.

Ferment in primary for 5 days. Then rack to secondary and add the fruit pectin. Let rest for three weeks . After that if you can, drop the temp. of the beer to 35degs for 1 week. If this is done then you need to add about a teaspoon of yeast when racking to bottleing pail. Let the beer rest in bottles for at least 3 weeks. The longer the better.