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Mac's Peach Ale

Classification: peach ale, fruit beer, all-grain

Source: Keith MacNeal (, r.c.b, 7/2/96

It drew raves from friends when I first made it. The peach is very apparent, especially in the nose.

Ingredients: (5 gallons)


Add grains and gypsum to 8-2/3 qt. water at 133 deg.F. Protein rest at 122 deg.F for 30 minutes. Raise temp. to 155 deg.F and hold for 1 hour. Sparge with 5 gallons water. Collect wort, add honey, boil for 75 minutes adding hops for last 45 minutes. Cool, pitch, ferment for 1 week.

Meanwhile, wash, split, and pit peaches. Place in plastic bags and freeze. When ready to rack beer into secondary, thaw peaches and mash them in the bags. Put peaches into bottom of 6 gallon carboy. Rack beer onto mashed peaches. Attach blowoff hose to carboy. Leave in secondary for at least 2 weeks. Bottle with 1 c. corn sugar.