Cats Meow 3
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Classification: German ale, alt, all-grain

Source: Jim Busch, ( 3/11/92

This can be a very hoppy beer by german standards, up to 40 bitterning units, so you can up the bittering hops as you like.

Kolsch is a very pale style only brewed in Koln. Go light on anything assertively tasting. Follow same fermenting and aging procedure. Noble hops are used.

German ales include: Alt (Dusseldorf), Kolsch (Koln) and Weizens (Bavaria). Alt is made from the German Ale yeast and then cold conditioned for up to four weeks. These ales are usually fermented at colder temps than British ones (55 fahrenheit) The longer cold maturation yields a smoother, cleaner ale than the British ones.



Mash grains, sparge. Add hops according to schedule above. Chill and pitch yeast. Ferment at 55 degrees for 1--2 weeks. Rack and cool to 40 degrees for 4 weeks. Dry hop lightly, if desired.