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Celtic Ale

Classification: celtic ale, Grant's Celtic Ale, all-grain

Source: Rob Bradley (, HBD Issue #1098, 3/16/93

This recipe is made using spent grains from a batch of Strong Ale.

If I do say so myself, this is a _great_ low alcohol beer. It was ready to drink after about 5 days. It's 4 weeks in the bottle today and there's hardly any left :-)

Fred Eckhardt, in The Essentials of Beer Style, lists Grant's Celtic Ale at OG 1034, FG 1008, IBU 38.



Steep chocolate malt in 1 pint water. Add to mash tun after draining first runnings for the strong ale. Add 2.5 gallons water at 172F to mash tun and let settle 15 minutes. Sparge as usual with water at 172F to collect 4.5 gallons. Add dry malt extract and sufficient water to boiling kettle.

Single-stage fermentation: 9 days. Bottled with 5/8 cup corn sugar. Final gravity: 1011.