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Brown Rye Ale

Classification: brown ale, rye, roggenbier, sucanat, all-grain

Source: Jacob Galley (, HBD Issue #1764, June 24, 1995

The inspiration for this recipe is the recipe for Brown Ale in the back of Dave Miller's book. The rye flavor is prominent, even with this small amount of rye. I think that more than two pounds would be overpowering in this style. (Maybe more in a stout??)



Mash malt and rye at 142 for 90 minutes. The three times I've made this, the mash temperature has always been on the low side. The beer came out great every time, so I'm not worried.

Sparge as usual. Add sucanat and boil 60 minutes.

Chill as usual. The original gravity comes to 1.048 (for 5 gallons).

Pitch London Ale or German Ale Wyeast. Actually, I'm going to try the California Steam/Lager yeast next time. It sounds like the steamy esters would complement the rye flavor quite nicely.