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Stacie's Wicked Ale

Classification: brown ale, Pete's Wicked Ale, extract

Source: Eric Hale (, HBD Issue #1743, May 29, 1995

I just cracked a bottle of a Pete's Wicked Ale clone. I take no credit for the recipe. I got a copy of it from Steve Bailey at the Home Brewing and Wine Making Emporium (my favorite home brew store - 800 455-BREW). *Not an ADVERTISEMENT - just an ACKNOWLEDGMENT* I've renamed after my wife...

Anyway, there are a bazillion Pete's clones out there. This one is sorta close to Pete's. It's got the flavor and color. It's much more rich, though. More hoppy, too. Probably a little too much Barley and Choc Malts. I'll cut them back by 25% next time.



Steep grains in 150 to 160 degree F water for 60 minutes. Remove grains and bring to boil.

Primary for 3 weeks
Secondary for 3 weeks
Bottled for 2 weeks.
(I shoulda racked earlier. But I got busy... didn't even read the HBD! Can you believe it?)