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Maple Braggot

Classification: braggot, honey beer, maple beer, extract

Source:, r.c.b., February 26, 1995

[...not exactly a braggot unless we consider maple sugar to be equivalent to honey, but there's not good category that this recipe fits into. --- Ed.]

While no expert, I recently racked a batch of brew similar to a braggot. So far it tastes pretty good, but is very strong (~10% alc.).o

Tasting notes (so far): Light cinnamon and maple. Moderate nutty-malt flavor. a bit light on the hops with regard to the alcohol flavor (which is strong), but the hops seem appropriately balanced for the malt content.



Steep crystal and chocolate malts for 20 min in 1.5 gallons water. Strain and sparge with addl. 1/2 gallon water. Add molasses, amber malt extract, light dry extract, honey, maple syrup, cinnamon, and boiling hops and boil 60 minutes.

Cool to 80 degrees. Pitch pre-started scottish ale yeast (Wyeast). Aerate vigorously for 10 minutes (I pour back and forth between two large pots and let the wart fall 3 feet. Pure O2 would be better).

Expect LOTS of kreusen. I couldn't keep the lid on my 6.7 gallon pail--even with a blow-off tube. Rack after 5-7 days to glass and store for ??? weeks (I have a post myself requesting info on this).