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Ale Mead

Classification: mead, metheglin

Source: Todd Saulnier (, r.c.b., April 27, 1995

I have recipe for an ale mead. I don't know how similar it might be but you might try it.

[While some mead makers do not think hops belong in mead, I see no problem with considering them to be like any other herb, and thus appropriate to the metheglin style. --- Ed.]

Ingredients: (for 1 gallon)


Boil honey & water and most of hops for 45 min. Add remainder of hops about the 40 min. mark. Strain hops. Add citric acid & nutrients. Let cool overnight. then add water to 1 gal mark. add yeast and let ferment to completion, skimming off yeast daily as for beer. Allow to settle for a few days after fermentation. Bottle in 1 qt bottles with 1 tsp suger in bottles. after 2-3 days in warm area (so that bottle fermentaion occurs) place in cool area and treat as bottled beer.