Cats Meow 3
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Classification: cider

Source: Arne Thormodsen (, r.c.b., 10/24/95

I like the result much more than a similar recipe using champagne yeast. Last night I tasted one of each back to back, the one with the ale yeast was sweeter and smoother, and primed faster (2 weeks vs 3-4 with the champagne yeast). However the one with the champagne yeast cleared better. They were both OK.

BTW, I wouldn't recommend drinking *more* than two of these in an evening... ;-)

Ingredients: (2 gallons)


With this huge amount of yeast the fermentation took off like a bomb. If you use the yeast from the package (Coopers is a dry yeast) you might want to use a couple or three. With no sulfites in this recipe I was afraid that if I didn't start with enough yeast a wild one might take over. When it was done primed it with 1/2 cup honey and bottled like beer.