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Nathan's Ginger Beer

Classification: ginger beer

Source: Nathan's Ginger Beer

I've been making this for many years. It is very carbonated, and quite refreshing. Also, because it has a limited shelf life (after which it explodes), it prompts lots of impromptu ginger beer parties. I call several friends to say "I'm setting off a dozen ginger beers tomorrow afternoon. Wanna come?"



This stuff is dangerous---do not make it. WARNINGS: Use only real champagne bottles, beer bottles will explode. If left out of fridge more than 4 weeks, bottles will explode. Do not leave in fridge more than 4 weeks after bottles start to scare you, otherwise, bottles will explode. Set off outside---corks go 60-70'. Do not let bottles sit around too long---I'm not kidding!

Peel and grate ginger. Grate lemon, squeeze, and cut remainder into slices. Boil all ingredients, mixing. Cool to 80 degrees or less and add lager yeast. Ferment 3-7 days, then bottle in champagne bottles. Wire down plastic corks. Leave out 1 week, then move to cool area. Chill and test open 1 bottle each week until they start to scare you, then put all bottles in fridge and drink within weeks.