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Classification: sima

Source: Laura Tiilikainen (laura@vipunen.hut.fin), 1/15/92

Sima is a Finnish homebrew. It is mild and non-alcoholic; its main purpose is for serving to children during May 1st celebrations (the biggest carnival day in Finland). (Comments by Heikki Putknonen (



Wash the lemons thoroughly and peel the yellow skin. Pour the boiling water on the lemon skins and sugars. Remove the white skin from the lemons and slice the lemons crosswise. Add the slices into the slightly cooled liquid. Let cool until the liquid is at body temperature. Add the yeast and let ferment for a day to day and a half. When the drink is bottled, remove the lemon slices and skins. Add a spoonful of sugar and some raisins to every bottle. Close the bottles loosely. After a day, tighten the caps and move the bottles to refrigerator. The drink is ready when the raisins have risen from the bottom to surface.