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Nebraska Red

Classification: pale ale, red ale, extract

Source: Paul McFarland, (, HBD #1993, 3/25/96

I would like to thank those fine people that replied with advice about my Honey-Wheat recipe. It will be racked and bottled soon, and I'll post the result.

I have been experimenting recently, trying to make an amber - red ale (Along the lines of a red dog clone) and have been moderately successfull with the following recipe.

My Friend George Shutelock has pronounced this recipe a Russian Red Bitter, and since it practically blew the lid of my fermenter, I dubbed it the "Red Russian Atomic Ale", after more consideration, since it does not run true to any given style, I have renamed it............ enjoy.

This ale is very lightly hopped, it does have a nice balance between the sweetness added by the crystal malt and the hops that were used. Next time I try this recipe (Which will be soon) I will use more hops to bring up the bitterness a little. But for now, I have a very nice red ale that is highly enjoyed by my friends that normally don't light darker beers.



Wort cooled to 85 F, aerated by stirring, and pitched the yeast starter at 85F.