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Anchor Liberty Clone

Classification: pale ale, India pale ale, Anchor Liberty, Liberty clone, extract

Source: Timothy Ball (ballti@uh2372p03.daytonoh.NCR.COM), HBD Issue 1423, 5/16/94



If I were to use only 1/2 oz. dry hop I think they would be identical.

Primary ferment was one week at 68 degrees. Secondary ferment was one week.

For the dry hop I just threw them in the secondary. The hops float so you can siphon from underneath them. The longer you dry hop the more the hops get "water logged" and start to sink. You may want to try 5 days instead of 7. When I transferred it to the bottling bucket I did get some hops in there. Wracking to a second bottling bucket might help but I was to lazy.

I did waste a little more beer than usual during bottling trying to avoid the hops. It is worth the extra effort to use whole hops. The hop nose is awsome.

If you do a full boil, you may want to cut back on the bittering hops a bit. Mine was nicely bitter (maybe a bit more than Liberty).