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Dry Rye Stout

Classification: stout, dry stout, rye, all-grain

Source: Carlo Fusco (, HBD Issue #1100, 3/18/93

This has got to be the best stout I have ever made. Since I have made the move to all-grain, this will be the only stout recipe for me. The flavour is dry and what you would expect from a stout. The rye and the cara-pils has made it very thick, just like Guiness. If I have to adjust anything, I would add more hops...say about another 1/2 oz of Fuggles for the 1 hour boil. This stout is thick, very dark, overly smooth and won't stay in my glass for very long.



Grind all grains and place them into the mash. Mash in at 71C (160F). Temperature should drop to 66C (152F). Mash for 2.5 hrs at 66C (152F). Mash out for 5 min at 76C (169F). Sparge 6gal @71-76C (160F-169F). Boil for 1 hour. 3 oz of Fuggles for 60 minutes. 1 oz of Goldings and Irish moss for last 10 minutes Cool, remove trub, and pitch.

Ferment at room temperature 20C (68F) until fermentation ceases. About 10 days. A single stage fermentation was used. Then bottle or keg as desired (I kegged it).