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Framboise a la Palme

Classification: fruit beer, raspberry ale, extract

Source: Andrew J. Milan (, r.c.b., October 4, 1995

Ingredients: (for 5 gallons)


Yeast Procedure: On 10/28/94, approx. five tablespoons of DME and two cups of water was boiled for two minutes. This hot mixture was then poured through a hot funnel into a hot bottle, capped with an airlock (minus the water, but stuffed with a cotton ball), and allowed to cool to room temperature. Meanwhile, the liquid yeast was removed from the refrigerator and allowed to warm to room temperature.

Wort Procedure: 11/01/94: Started with 1-1/2 gallons of water and crystal malt (in a grain bag) and brought to boil. Removed grain, added liquid extract and boiling hops (in hops bag). Boiled for 45 minutes. Added 1/2 oz. of Saaz hops and continued boil for five minutes. Removed brew pot from heat and added finishing hops for two minutes. Removed all hops. Cooled wort in ice bath. Added to four gallons of cool water in five gallon carboy.

Fermentation Procedure: 11/01/94: Took O.G.. Pitched yeast at 64 degrees F. Blowoff tube fitted to carboy. 11/03/94: Blowoff tube removed and airlock added. 11/24/94: Primary fermentation done. Transferred to bottling bucket, added 8.5 lbs. of thawed, fresh-frozen (no sugar added) raspberries for secondary fermentation. Covered bucket with matching lid (sealed, but not airtight).

Bottling Procedure: 12/01/94: Bottled with 3/4 cup corn sugar. Beautiful golden reddish color! Fermentation completely stopped before bottling. Used 26 - 22 oz. 3bomber2 bottles. Bottle conditioned for four weeks before trying a bottle (I don't know how I held out that long!) What aroma! What color! What taste!