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Pumpkin Ale

Classification: pumpkin ale, fruit beer, extract

Source: Erik Vanthilt (, HBD Issue #2238, 10/18/96

As for the Pumpkin Ale, I just brewed 7.5 gal of the stuff, and my recipe seemed to work well. I did an extract, I find it easier with fruit beers, using specialty grains.

Haven't tried it yet, bottle it today, but it smells great. Good luck on your pumpkin ale.

Ingredients: (5 gallons)


Use a pumpkin about 12 pounds in size, carve, clean and peel. Do your grains... add extract... start boil, add hops, at 30 min add pumpkin and hallertaur hops, at 15 min add spices and irish moss. When boil is done, remove pumpkin, add to carboy containing 2.5 gal water, pitch yeast.