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Undrinkable Trappist Ale

Classification: Belgian ale, Trappist ale, extract

Source: Jai Harpalani (, r.c.b., 7/11/95

I used the ingredients listed below to make a trappist ale. The recipe I followed was based on one in "Winner's Circle". Unfortunately, two months after bottling, the ale has an incredibly strong alcoholic kick to it, and is undrinkable. I realize the recipe calls for quite a bit of extract and honey, but shouldn't the ale be at least drinkable by now? Should I continue to let it age? Will the alcoholic content decrease with time? Any suggestions?



Boiled 2 gallons of water, extract, and honey for one hour. Finished with hops. Fermented in plastic at 70 degrees F for nine days. Bottled using corn sugar.