Cats Meow 3
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Batch #62 Brain Wipe

Classification: Belgian ale, trippel, Trappist ale, all-grain

Source: Delano DuGarm (, r.c.b., 8/11/95

The most important aspect of brewing this sort of beer is the yeast. Normal ale yeasts need not apply. You have to find a Belgian that works well in your brewery, that is produces the right esters without turning your beer into bananabrau. I highly recommend avoiding the Wyeast 1214 for this reason. The Wyeast White beer yeast (#3944) is an excellent replacement, though it performs sluggishly for me at low temps (below 65 F). YMMV, of course.



Mashed malts with step infusion mash, 30 min. 122 F., 75 min. 150 F., 10 min. 168 F.

Boil thirty minutes. Add corn sugar, malt extract, 1st hop addition. Boil 55 minutes. Add 2nd hop addition. Cool and pitch yeast (2 liter starter). Ferment 65-70 until completion.