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Classification: mead, traditional mead

Source: Ross W. Powell (, r.c.b., 2/14/95

For those looking for a Mead recipe, here is a very basic traditional one from a book on country wines called Winemaking Month by Month. I have never made mead, (although I intend to try very soon) so I do not know how this would turn out.

Ingredients: (for 1 gallon)


Combine in a sterilized bottle. Cover opening with cling-wrap and keep in a warm place for about 48 hrs. (until the starter is working vigorously). When this is ready, place honey in sterilized primary and add 4 pints (2 litres) of boiling water. Let cool to 21 C. (70 F.) and add acid, nutrient and yeast starter.

Treat as usual for any country wine (racking, bottling, etc.) Should be allowed to age for two years before it is ready for drinking (sigh).

This book recommends using a yeast starter;
3 oz (75gm) sugar
tip of a tsp. citric acid
half a pint of water