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Strawberry Wine

Classification: wine, strawberry wine

Source: Douglas Thomas (, Mead Digest #478, 5/14/96



0. Added to half gallon of the water, boiled and cooled,then stirred into the must of strawberries and water this is the begining batch, made like any standard wine.

Week #:
1. 2lbs brown sugar to 2 cups water boiled cooled, and fed to wine
2. same as above
3. 2lbs. white sugar to one cup water fed.
4. 2lbs. brown sugar to one cup water fed.
5. 1lb white sugar to one cup water.
6. 1lb brown added to racking, plus 1/2 tsp tannin.

When this has stopped bubbling add 3 campden tablets and let settle for 1 week naturally. Rack again, fine with gelatin, and let sit for another week. Finally add 1/4 - 1/2 oz american un-toasted oak chips and let age in carboy for 2 months. When this is sufficiently clear, bottle, and there you have it.